More wind control.  This time it's off to Texas to bring three more machine up to speed. Compared to Burlington, this should be easy.  Wax is a nice facility, best run in the company.   My favorite part is that the fan room is clean! My hats' off to the original owner of the facility, Armstrong Cork (the flooring people) for designing and building a first rate facility.  There is plenty of room and nothing is cramped.  Probably a good part of why the place runs so well: they aren't trying to run chicken-shit stuff.  Both the electrical and mechanical contractors had a three week head start so a good portion of the work was already complete.  
Getting into the plant is a pain in the neck.
Built in 1966, Waxahachie is a fairly modern facility as far as glass plants go.  Well maintained and operated as you can see from the building and grounds.
No weenie trucks in this lot!
Judging from the large number of HUGE trucks in the parking lot, this must indeed be Texas.  There are semi's that aren't this big!  My contact here, Bobby Green drives a Crew Cab F-350 with a full size bed known as the Lunch Wagon.  It's big enough to get the whole gang in for a burger run.
Whoa, nice panel dude....
The first order of business was to find power for the actuators.  Like most places, they're pretty strapped for surplus juice.  So we spent a little money and planned ahead.  I bought a new breaker panel and fed it from the old one.  When the plant is ready to expand or update the old panel, all they have to do is move the main feed wires and they'll have a brand new 42 circuit panel ready to roll.  Always leave it better than you found it.
Now we've got power, let's do something with it!
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