Volcanic Mt. Helin

A rare and unusual engineering feat.

Although not unusual, the increased cost of electric power has had a pronounced effect on the population of electric melters in the U.S.  Erik Helin (BS Ceramic Engineering) made the best of a rare opportunity to create his sculpture using one of these unpredictable beasts.  Unfortunately, there is only one picture of the work as it was not well received by local plant management and quickly dismantled.  Using bold strokes of chemistry genius, Erik created a masterpiece of texture. The combination of dry desert sands, titanic bursts of volcanic gases and seething molten lava resulted in a sculpture that will surely be remembered long after its unfortunate demise.  Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourself ....... for Volcanic Mt. Helin.
Spewed forth from the very loins of Hell.
Not the best photographic quality but I applaud the photographer for recognizing the greatness of this achievement and capturing the sole existing image.  Take a moment to postion yourself for the best viewing angle of your screen to bring out the minute details.  Congratulations Erik on a beautiful piece of work.
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