Dunkirk Project Installation
With the steelwork removed, things are much more accessible. We peel off the insulation and get the blocks ready to remove.
This is what it looks like with no steel. The water dam is to the left. The stuff on top is insulation board that will be removed.
Here is the first block to come out. The masons put a big brace across the top to grab it with and then we lift it with a chain hoist. You can see that things are a little hot around the edges.
We're rolling now! The masons have it under control and are lifting it out. Once it is clear of the surrounding structure, they'll set it down and haul it off so we don't set the place on fire. That 's a really quick way to change the scope of the project! The picture is a little deceiving in regard to the apparent heat. It's not white hot, more like a bright orange. There's a BIG difference!
Actually, all three of these guys are working on making sure the block comes out safely. 2100° F blocks do bad things when you drop them.
Hot work never fails to draw a peanut gallery. These guys are actually unemployed comedians from a local comedy club called The Glass House.
This is the space left behind when the block is removed. You can really see how the water dam works here on the right side. Notice the level of the glass on the upstream side of the dam. The color in this shot gives a better idea of the heat. The block to the left will now slide back to fill this space and the new block will go in front of it.
We're not done yet!
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