Dunkirk Project Installation
The plan was to install two sets of blenders in the 22 Shop Forehearth. It is a "T" style forehearth feeding a 12 section tandem machine (two six section machines side by side). To do this it is necessary to remove the equalizing zone roof block, slide the vent block backwards and install the new blender block in the opening. It's a hot job taking between two and three hours to complete. Several crafts were involved including electricians, ironworkers and hot repair masons. The entire project took three days to complete: one to complete the refractory (brick) work, the next two to complete the wiring and put in operation. Following are some pictures and descriptions of how we went about it.
This is one of the two areas we would be working in. The steelwork supporting the blocks has to be removed first, then the block comes out.

As you'll see in the following frames it gets pretty warm up here.

There is a fair amount of preparation to be done before we start slinging bricks. Butch is getting some steel out of the way here. Fortunately, everyone pitches in to help. There isn't an issue with division of labor between the crafts as long as you don't ask someone to do something they're not qualified to do.
First things first. You can't do all this with the glass flowing. To stop it while we're working, a water dam is installed just to the rear of where we want to start. A water dam is just a hollow steel box with an inlet and outlet for water. It's hooked to the water supply and runs constantly as long as it's inserted in the glass. First you have to remove the block where you want the dam to go. That's what Ronnie and Rowdy are doing here. One hot block!
Here's the water dam in place. There's a better picture later on, but here you can see the inlet and outlet pipes right in the center. The block that will come out is to the left in this picture.
Butch and Mike start removing the supporting steelwork. This is easy, the next part gets a little more complicated.
On to the fun stuff!
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