You can be twenty-six on...
Cullet Mountain.

(Sung to the tune of Sugar Mountain by Neil Young.)

Sooner or later, every human being feels a need to erect a monument to his presence on this earth.  Each is different, as unique as the individuals who build them.  Ceramic Engineers often amass great piles of scrap glass (cullet) to proudly display their acheivements.  Here, I present the most recent achievement of one Kevin David, MS Ceramic Engineering.  It is a most spectacular creation consisting of nearly 3,000 tons of amber soda-lime glass.  Painstakingly melted in his Burlington, WI facility, this monument is very impressive considering Mr. David's relative youth.  So without further ado, I give you our alma mater's most recent achievement: Mount David.
Breaking Trail.
The Dairyland Foothills.
In an novel statement of individuality, Mr. David constructed a "foothill" adjacent to the main sculpture. An unusual method used to seductively lure the viewers eye to the much larger main sculpture.
Packin' and Stackin'.
"Marvelous" Melvin Burmeister
The sculpture is also a source of jobs for the local economy.  Mr. David makes an effort to keep the sculpture well groomed and frequently utilizes a scoopdozer to keep it well shaped.
Other worthy creations
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