Big Picks
Not your nose either!
Once the new pad was poured and had time to cure, it was time to start building.  There were new batch storage bins to install over the furnace.  Since they hold quite a bit of weight, the support steel is pretty substantial.  It was all preassembled at ground level and then hoisted into place with a large crane. Each lift is called a "pick". The biggest pick was over 57,000 lbs. which worked out to 92% capacity. The crane is a 250 ton unit but as you reach out horizontally, it can't lift as much without tipping over.  As you'll see in the pictures, it was a lengthy reach to the place where they were set.  I didn't have anything to do with this part but it was fun to watch.
Here's the support waiting on the ground.  You can see the lifting cables attached to the crane.
It's on the way to the top.  The whole structure will sit over the two white columns just below the center.
Just about in place.  This was a difficult pick as the placement was critical.  It had to be re-rigged once to assure it stayed square and would fit over the silos. 
Finally it's all settled in.  You can see how far out the crane had to reach to set this down.
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