Fun with Cheeseheads
The Burlington Install
Big doings in Dairyland, we had a major repair going on in our Burlington plant and my project was included as part of it.  Nothing too complicated, five new motor control cabinets, 25 inverter drives and the associated wiring to run it.  There were some big conduits to rework and new cables to pull.  So, on September 3rd we started having at it.  
The steel skeleton.
I didn't take any pictures of the tear down or intial happenings, there was just too much going on.  The first shot here is the new steelwork going back in place.  This will form the outside framework for the refractory.
Big #11 Rebar, 1-3/8" diameter stuff. Geez, did they leave any room for concrete?
There was a big foundation change in the building.  As it would support quite a bit of weight, the reinforcing necessary was pretty substantial.  Rebar is sized in 1/8" increments, a #4 is 1/2" in diameter, #8 is 1" diameter. This stuff was #11 or 1-3/8" diameter, big stuff!  It amounted to many tons of rebar.  There are about 7 or 8 layers of this stuff in the form.  We sure didn't leave much room for concrete in the forms!
Pumping Concrete.
The cement trucks made a rubber tired conveyor into the plant.  They fed a pumping truck which delivered the mix to this guy who was fillin' it up! The total volume poured was 146 cubic yards.  More than enough to do my garage.
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