"Vader is just down the road..."
Those famous and prophetic words are the railfan equivalent of "Watch this Bubba!".
The scanner spewed forth information on a coal train coming through Vader and our heads filled with visions of giant locomotives screaming for traction on the point of a mile of hoppers laden with the black diamonds.  And off we went, hell bent for leather and Kodak.  Seventy some-odd miles later we found Vader, barely more than a wide spot in the road and certainly not the promised land we envisioned.  After sitting there for about an hour waiting for God to arrive in the form of a Cream & Green 60 MAC all we got was a plain vanilla SD40-2. (Hey, back then they
were plain vanilla!)  Imagine going to a drag race hoping to see "Big Daddy" Don Garlits and his fire breathing Top Fuel rail.  You arrive at the track and all you get is Joe Lunchbucket in a 1982 Chrysler "K" car.  Rats!
Never mind, let's go chase some trains......
Miscellaneous Pictures Musical Chairs at the plant in Sapulpa, OK 3/28/2003
CN south of Boston Bar, BC
A weekend road trip to Missoula, Montana 12/2/00
Cincinnati, OH 2/1/03 to visit Tower A at CUT.
Extracurricular Activities in Tulsa, OK 4/3/03
A pleasant surprise on a snowy morning in Dunkirk, IN 2/11/03
Two great days in and around Kansas City, 4/4-5/03
A porch under the stars    Dunkirk, IN 2/13/03
B Unit Heaven Cherokee Yd. Tulsa, OK 4/8/03
Basic Rules of Railroading Muncie, IN 2/16/03
REAL Locomotive Burlington, WI 9/3/03
Fooling Around in the snow Ft. Wayne, IN 2/23/03
ex-WC SD40-2
Burlington, WI  10/2/03
ex-IC GP40-2 
Burlington, WI 9/11/03
UP's Kansas Subdivision
Delia to Marysville, KS  11/29/03
It helps to have company
Burlington, WI Collage 12/23/03 Frozen Railfanning
Rochelle, IL 1/25/04
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