Hey, Where'd this come from?

ex-ATSF SD40-2 "B" Unit

The daily after work run to Cherokee Yard in Tulsa resulted in some great action today (4/8/03). Four trains in 20 minutes. A GP30, GP9 rebuilld, GP9 B, GP15, SD60M and an SD40-2 B along with the usual C44-9W units (I don't care what GE says, that DASH 9 designation is absurd, it's a C44-9W!)
This was a real surprise, I had to drive the length of the yard to catch up to it. It really does look big without the cab. Note that the resistor grid has been relocated forward to get them away from the heat of the engine.
From this angle you can see the resistor grids a little better. The paint is very reminiscent of the classic Santa Fe Blue and Yellow.
Here are both the "real" Santa Fe paint schemes, the famous red and silver once used on crack passenger trains and the the basic blue and yellow for freight. At least it's not a damned "Pumpkin". Hey, I just realized that the 679 is still in the original paint! This was a great pairing!
If one B unit isn't enough, here's another one that was wandering around the yard today, a GP9 B. This is just to much to ask for 20 minutes time. What a great place to watch trains!
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