UPRR Shield
It was Boat Show Weekend in Chicago.  What better time to go chase trains?  Steve was in town and absolutely cannot be in or near Chicago without making the short trip to Rochelle. So, on a sunny but frigid morning we pile into the truck und off vee go.  The fact that it was about 0oF with a bazillion mile an hour breeze meant wind chills in the -20oF range. This kept us in the truck between trains but certainly was not going to keep us from taking pictures!
Rolling Along
First catch was not far from St. Charles.  I saw some lights and it was off to the races.  It turned out to be a UP manifest train headed west. The switch heaters were running but had little to deal with other than a damn cold day.
The Elburn Co-Op provided a nice backdrop for a long load of coal loads headed east.  A single DPU unit was bringing up the rear.
No time to waste around here.
We didn't have to go too far before another headlight appeared and soon these two C44-9 units rolled by.
Real Engines, Real Trains.
From my standpoint, the best train of the day was this one.  A true "classic" from my early days as a railfan.  Three SD40-2 units in full snort with a string of grain hoppers on behind.  It certainly reminded me of many days trackside long ago (at least a week).
Lots more to come....
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