It's more fun when
you have an accomplice.
Over time I've been fortunate to have some great friends to chase with.  While they may not always appreciate my driving skills (or demonstrated lack of good sense) I can always count on them for good company.  Wild Bill has been around since high school and we've been chasing trains since we could get a car and a camera together.  He tolerates my driving because he drives just like I do!  We'll go anywhere to take a picture and usually make a comedy of it. I'm specifically thinking of camping at Chad's place. I met Steve during my stint in Oregon. He's learned to ask where we're going first before we embark on some all night road trip (remember coming back from the first trip to the Cascade tunnel?). I grossly misread the map and what should have been a four hour drive home turned into an all night marathon requiring a hotel stay. Oops.
Surely up to no good. Now, let's go fix the camera.
This is Bill and I in Coos Bay, OR during the IWCS Convention in 1987. I hadn't seen him in a couple years and it wasn't long before we were up to our usual tricks.  His Dad was really thrilled.
Steve and I getting ready to make a mad dash to someplace important, like Burgerville.  This was in Salem, OR.  We're probably heading towards Cornelius Pass and the tunnel.
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