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A collection of unusual power BNSF Cherokee Yard Tulsa, OK 4/3/03 Another View of the B23-7 Okmulgee, OK 5/4/03
Kiamichi GP on Sand Springs Railway Sand Springs, OK 4/7/03 Local Power on BNSF Okmulgee, OK 5/4/03
Ex ATSF GP38 Cherokee Yard Tulsa, OK 4/7/03 N&W Signal
Milford Jct. IN, 4/27/03
Another GP38 Tulsa, OK 4/7/03 Passing Siding
Milford Jct. IN, 4/27/03
GP-15 Tulsa, OK 4/7/03 I didn't know BN even had these!
Indiana & Ohio RR GP35 GP30 Kokomo, IN 4/27/03
Converted GP9 Tulsa, OK 4/7/03 Nice BNSF on the nose.
Indiana & Ohio RR ex UP GP40 Kokomo, IN 4/27/03
GP9 B Unit in BNSF Colors, Unusual! Tulsa, OK 4/7/03
Switcher at Grain Elevator Lapel, IN 4/27/03
SW600 in "The Tunnel" Sapulpa, OK 4/8/03
CSX Chesterfield, IN 5/10/03
SD40-2 in BN green paint Tulsa, OK 4/8/03
CSX Smokebomb Muncie, IN The haze to the right is smoke! 5/10/03
SD60M in BN "Whiteface" paint Tulsa, OK 4/8/03
Southbound NS Freight
North Manchester, IN 4/26/03
GP30 in ATSF blue and yellow Tulsa, OK 4/8/03
UP 6085 Albina, OR 5/1997
Another view of the GP30 Tulsa, OK 4/8/03 GP-9 in O-I siding, Lapel, IN 7/23/03
NS at Riggin Rd.  Muncie, IN 8/9/03
BN GP28M Cherokee Yard Tulsa, OK 5/1/03
NS southbound at Royerton, IN 8/9/03
GP's in Cherokee Yard Tulsa, OK 5/2/03 NS northbound at Royerton, IN 8/9/03
Got one of these in your garage?
SW1500's smoke it up in Cherokee Yard Tulsa, OK 5/4/03
BNSF B23-7 in Heritage 1 Paint Okmulgee, OK 5/4/03
Sunoco Refinery Plant Switcher Tulsa, OK 5/4/03
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