Fooling Around In Ft. Wayne

A day in the slush.

Got a fair snow last night (2/22/03), about 6" and lots of wind so it was off to chase trains Sunday morning. It was warm and the snow-covered roads were rapidly melting and there was a ton of slush. Of course everyone knows if there's slush on the road it has to be driven in. The truck was packed underneath with slop and the front was covered. Erik is with me again wondering: "How long is this nut going to drive in the slush piles?"
Found this new sign guarding the west end of the yard in New Haven. I'd like to see this in use, I'll bet it's different.
Nothing happening in the yard but as we ventured off, this westbound showed up in a big hurry. Quite a conglomeration of paint.  An ex-KCS unit with IC numbers, GTW reporting marks and the CN logo. Somebody didn't have time to waste before putting this fellow to work!
He was stirring up a snowstorn of his own, making good time into town. I'm starting to like putting something in the foreground for perspective. It adds a another element to the shot that I used to lack.
Not content to find one train, we go looking for another.>>
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