Digital Images are free!

Go Ahead, take a bazillion of 'em!

One of the few rewarding things about working long hours is that you frequently see photo opportunities you'd otherwise miss. Two days after the photos on the previous page were taken, I was working late at Dunkirk and the same unit was there when I left about 8 pm. Not one to pass up a chance to take a few pictures, I buzzed off about twenty. Who cares if a couple of them are fuzzy, they're free!
Rules, schmoolz!

I didn't like the flash pictures too much, so I turned it off. I can still hand hold a 1/30 sec. shot and be sharp enough. The next few are 1 sec. exposures. The chip in the CoolPix 4500 is a little dreamboat too. There are three stars and a planet in this shot: an unidentified star above the dynamic brake blister, Jupiter above the left numberboard, Procyon above the right and Sirius over the right handrail.

Composing a shot in the dark is tough even with the convenience of the LCD display. They still come out cockeyed sometimes.
Night shots just have a feel about them. Even the digital gets a bit grainy when you make it work for the picture. I like the gritty, industrial feel of this one. The haze from the stacks, the tangle of steel and pipe in the background, it just reeks of capitalism.
I had to back the truck off the road some into a field to get the headlights pointed right for this one. I'm sure the neighbors wondered just what in the world I was up to.
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