Always take the camera with you!
You never know when you'll come across something unusual or interesting.   My digital camera goes everywhere.
Off to Dunkirk, IN for work. I frequently find the local laying over on the siding in front of the plant . Usually it's a couple GP38-2s, sometimes a GP15. Today I got a pleasant surprise, a single ex-Conrail SD40-2 handling the chores.
There was a light snow falling, stirred up by the ever present wind. The crew was kind enough to leave the headlights on dim before heading home for the night. Call me boring, but I really like the classic lines of the Dash 2. And don't get me started about how good that 16 cylinder 645 engine sounds!
Always have to take the head-on shot if it's safe. The reflective lettering comes to life with the flash on. I like the way the snow blurs across the picture. Dim headlights add a little life.

This track is part of what was once the old Logansport Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad running from Columbus, OH through Logansport, IN westward to Chicago, IL. It is almost entirely gone now with the exception of this section between Marion and Redkey, IN where it connects with an ex-Nickel Plate line. The glass plant and a large grain elevator nearby are the only customers on this end of the line.

These two signals really show the ex-Pennsy heritage. The one below is the advance signal for the crossing in Redkey about two miles east. The signal at left is the crossing signal protecting the former Nickel Plate diamond.
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