More Classics
from Dairyland
Bringing in the sand, bringing in the sand.
Burlington has turned in to a veritable plethora of power. (Thanks, Daffy!) Today an SD40-2 showed up.  The deep throated burble of the 645 carries a long way.  I can easily hear it in the job trailer even though no one else can.  They all think I'm nuts when I grab the camera and go out the door, apparently for no reason.  The CP "pac-man" car is hauling nepheline syenite, a sand-like mineral used at the plant.
Shoving in....
Just very clean, simple lines.  Not hard to understand why these units are classics.  But only the operating and mechanical people can testify to the true staying power of the Dash 2 lines.  Simple and durable.
The Back Porch.
It's easy to see where the 40-2 gets the "porch" moniker from.  It stems from the fact that the 40 series shares a common frame originally designed for the SD45.  I once heard it described as looking like a kid wearing his big brothers sneakers.
Headed for home.
Engines are supposed to look like this as far as I'm concerned.  There are some nice details here specific to the land of intense cold and blowing snow. The engineers window is winterized and look just behind the cab and you can barely see the snow shield to keep blowing snow out of the intake filters.  Brrrr!
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