Who says you can't railfan after work?
After a hard day at work, what better way to relax than to go catch a train? Today was a great impromptu catch. I drove by BNSF's Cherokee Yard and saw a manifest train headed west. With time to kill and no idea where I was going, I got three nice shots and scouted out some locations for future visits. Not a bad start to an evening, that's for sure.
This shot has a classic midwestern feel. The brown brush, distant trees and pile of old ties combine to make this a very presentable shot.
There is actually a grade in Oklahoma steep enough to make the engines work! This is about two miles short of the crest of the grade near Keystone Dam. I was really surprised to find the cut as well. I had to walk back across the bridge from where I could park to get this picture. There wasn't much room on the bridge for a pedestrian.
This is slightly dowhill after the crest of the grade. I'm about a mile or two east of Mannford, OK at a wide spot in the road. Something I really like about Oklahoma is that I was able to keep up with this train without breaking the speedlimit. Most state highways are 65 mph away from populated areas. It's easy to keep up like this. Not a bad day for a "Vader" trip!
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