Thank You
Wisconsin Central
Once again, the benefits of travel.  Project work took me to Burlington, Wisconsin for a while. When I arrived, I noticed an engine sitting by the former passenger station.  A short detour was in order to check things out. I was in luck: sitting there by the station was one of the few remaining SD-45s that Canadian National still has in service and still in WC paint to boot.   It was just idling away there in great sunlight.  
There it was, idling away with that characteristic turbocharged 645 whine.  A real voice from the past.
It gets better. Later that day while working at the plant, I heard that familiar throaty rumble.  A look out side brought another surprise.  The SD-45 from earlier in the day was the power for the days local.  I got a few more decent shots while he switched the plant.  You have to love those flared radiators.
One last shot here as the crew pulls the loaded gons out. Although it may not look like it the plant siding actually sees a fair amount of activity. But the SD-45 would make an overgrown two track in the weeds look good to me.
Thank you, Ed Burkhardt.
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