At last it is time to install the damned door.  So guess doesn't fit.  You can't take a custom built door back so I start hacking away.
Here you get a rough look at the door with the new framing.  For starters, I had a fit of engineering thought and ended up ordering the door to open out.  I didn't like that so we turned it aound.  Of course then the water ran inside and the hardware was wrong.  Next time I'll remember why residential doors open in.
Ready fo rthe Blue Monster.
This is the threshold before I fixed the whole problem. I cut out the threshold with the sawzall and installed one that would be correct for an inward opening door.  And then... I cut the bottom off the door with a circular saw.

Fortunately, the pier looks good.

Throw out the crap.
Now it's time to clean out the mess. I tossed all the lumber out and opened the roof just because it's fun to do. I've already had a couple observing sessions and it performs exactly as intended...which is more than I can say for my construction skills.  Neither the walls or the roof detract from my limited horizon.  And the pier height came out just right as overhead targets place the eyepiece at a very comfortable height for me.  For now I'm pleased, more pictures will come as I get the inside outfitted.
If you have a high speed connection, here is a 9 MB movie of me opening the roof.
Whew, now I can enjoy it!
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