I couldn't make any of this happen without help. Erik showed up again and this time a friend from
St. Louis came over to help. You can't beat that!
This is the roof, right?
We had a big false start on roofing day. After a lengthy discussion about durability, it was decided to change the roof material to a galvanized sheet. Dave was very concerned about the ability of fiberglass to stand up to high winds without a zillion screws in it. So it was back to Lowes...
Hey! Where's my ground man?
I'm an engineer who works with heat for a living. Heat load is an issue here and I was not thrilled about using tarpaper. But keeping dry is important so on it goes. I then had a brilliant idea that Reflectix would help keep the radiated heat levels down so a layer of that went on too. We'll see. Here's Dave putting up a roll of it.
Yeah! No tarp required!
This is the completed roof before the ridge cap went on. The galvanized looks much better than I thought it would. At least now I can get rid of that stupid tarp. It was getting really tiresome to work with. We put in about 20 totals hours or so in two days to get this completed. We even worked in the rain! I can't thank Dave and Erik enough for all the help.
Now to hang that expensive door.
Almost there...
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