I am sick of this weather!  Since the end of December, I have had rain until half of Indiana was awash, ice thick enough to wreak havoc with the power grid and four days without power, sub-zero temperatures and of course snow.  It has been nearly a month since any work has taken place.  Not to worry though, I am getting close to completion.
Do you have a more precise level?
At long last work on the outriggers begins.  As usual, Erik is on hand to improve the surroundings with his presence.  Figures, another measurement tool to thrash my construction methods with.
Ummm. up ....no, down....
Does this make you nervous?  It should.  Not long after, Erik made a diving leap to safety when the whole thing came tumbling down.  Start over.
At last, it is ready for a roof.
Once the west one was done, the east side was easy and we decided to go back and rework the west one for a better fit. We managed not to drop anything on our heads along the way.
Next stop: rails and a roof!
Moving right along...
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