Someone else who must be bored outta their gord!  This weekend both Erik and Julian showed up to help.  Good thing, there are walls to put up!  So with three engineers on site we should be all set for a day of ummm...figuring things out.
Wall framing in place.
Here are the framed walls in place.  It's hard to tell from this angle but the wall closest to you in the picture has an 18" "window" in the south wall.  Just in case I have a good south horizon.  I don't.
The front side with a door opening.
The drop wall is easier to see in this angle.  The upper portion will be hinged for easy opening convenience.
Are you qualified to handle that square?
Here's Erik showing off some bold moves with the square.  It's aggressive building techniques such as these that keep the observatory of the knife edge of construction development.
Good help is hard to find.
The end of a good day.  We got two walls sheathed late in the day.  Had to cover it with tarps to keep the water out and the wood dry.  It was a little chilly.
Here come da snow!
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