As usual, back to Lowe's and more lumber comes home.
A frame in the night.
There aren't any pictures of this part but rest assured, it was a comedy.  I only cut one board wrong.  Of course there were only four to cut but that's not too bad.  And yes, it's level.
Looks like a building.
Erik appeared again and before long the joists were in and we were ready to lay the flooring,
It's square now! Pull harder.....
The floor measured square but we must have tweaked it when we put the joists in.  So before we put the floor on we tweaked it back.  That's what come-alongs and trucks are for.
After two long years the pier has a home.  We got the biggest tool on the job for the leveling ceremony.  It's a true work of art made entirely of 6061 aluminum  The vertical is ½" wall seamless tubing. Gussets and mount are 1" plate.  All the cuts were made with a water jet which besides being way cool also leaves a very neat cut.  Thompson Welding in Muncie, IN did a great job with the fab work and it is dead nuts plumb...just the way I drew it!
Tool with a tool?
Now we're going somewhere...
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