Now that the holes are there, they have to be filled.  I rented a bigger auger and drove the excavation for the pier another 12" deeper....the time to pour is at hand. Erik arrived and the game was afoot. Time to fire up the mixer.
Fun in the Sun!
I think I have every tool out in the yard so we must be ready.  Erik is surveying the scene.  Let's get the show on the road.
Just throw the whole bag in.
Just dump the whole bag in.
I think we need a bigger pickle jar.
Using a pickle jar we figured out how much water to add...the directions said no more than 4.5 pints of water per bag so we did just what the directions said.
Uhhhh, Homes...
This is part of the mixing decision making process:
"I don't think that looks right,
add more water."
OK, the cement is right, fill up the hole!
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