All it takes is someone to fan the fires a little.  With the engines, it's Brian...and for the telescope, it's Alan.
With a renewed interest, the scope in the driveway suddenly became an inconvenience.  A windy evening with a borrowed LPI convinced me once again that I needed a more permanent observing shed.  It wasn't long before a set of plans arrived and I was on the way.  "Holes have been drilled, cement will be poured"
My frequent partner in Bubba -Events is Erik. You probably recognize him from such famous adventures as the weekend run to Florida for an engine pick-up and the Fort Wayne winter train chases.  Erik is always interested when it involves me doing something totally ridiculous.  Today's shenanigans involved renting a post hole digger, getting it home, sinking six 10" holes and one 12" hole before returning the auger in 45 minutes to get it back before the store closed and avoid a full days rental charge.
We rule!
Work to Do!
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