An Evening with the Fecker
A rare opportunity for me to observe with a beautiful scope popped up out of the blue one frigid January day and I couldn't pass it up! I had spent the weekend with some friends who belong to the Toledo Astronomical Association. After bringing my scope along to provide another set of mirrors for a Boy Scout Star Party, he offered to let me use the clubs 12" Maksutov-Cassegrain scope for some astrophotography and general observing.  I froze my butt off in the single digit temps and the pictures aren't worth mentioning, but to spend a few hours doing my first real star hops and manually aiming such a wonderful piece of skyware was well worth it.
I took this by setting the timer on my digital camera and placing it on the ladder. It was as close to a guess as you can get.  Look just above the coutnerweights on the mount. That would be Orion...I did that on purpose mind you. Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Alnitak and either Alnilam or Mintaka in the belt. I'm not sure why all three didn't show up.  It really is fun to release the drives, look up in the sky and decide, I'll look there next. It's a simple matter of easing the scope around, line up the Telrad (way cool finder) and having at it.   "GoTo"...Homo Sapien style!
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