Astrophotos with the LX200 GPS
Well, I finally read the camera directions AND got some clear skies. These are my latest attempts at Jupiter and the Moon. Jupiter is still a stubborn target. I may have to learn how to stack photos to get a decent picture. The Moon however, gets better. The cable release makes a world of difference.
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Jupiter 1/10 sec, f 10.3 Opportunity here if I can work things out a little.
Jupiter 1/30 sec., f 5.1 See what I mean? This is not at all what I saw on the camera screen! I think if I work on it I might be able to either stack these for more detail or get a better exposure all around.
The Moon. Again. Large central crater is Tycho.
Ahh, the joys of sharing an interest!  I was working on a project and noticed that the guy doing my control design had a copy of Sky & Telescope in his briefcase.  That sparked some conversation for sure! He loaned me his Meade LPI Imager and I shot this beautiful picture of Saturn three days later. 11/7/04
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