Flotsam & Jetsam
You can't live around the Great Lakes and not enjoy the water.  However, not everyone is aware of the industrial might that once lined the lakes from Duluth to Buffalo.  Time and a changing economy have greatly diminished the capability of the industries but many of the things that made the lakes unique are still in existence.  The "Laker" is one such oddity. With a pilot house at one end and the engine room at the other, Lakers were designed to carry ever increasing amounts of cargo throughout the Great Lakes region.  The largest of them now stretch more than 1,000 ft and can carry over 70,000 tons of lading.  It's hard not to develop an affection towards these lumbering beasts of burden.  What follows are photos from some of my journeys to catch the "Laker" in her native environment: The Lakes!
Road trip to Detroit 1/25-26/03 to catch a laker and a breaker.
A not so fine day on the Seaway - 7/12/03.
Obsolete Giants - 9/89
A chance passing - 3/90
Bonk! - 9/89
Tight fit through here - 7/03
A trip to the Soo - 12/6-7/03
The James Norris pounds upriver.
Icy slumber - 12/25/03
Calumet River Surprise - 8/28/05
Getting your physical - 12/25/03
Miscellaneous Pictures
Back...to the Soo! - 12/17-20/04
Great Lakes Fleetmates meet - 6/13/05
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