What a Crummy Day!
I might be biased because its home to me, but few places rival the St. Lawrence river for basic beauty.   However, as with the rest of the year, the wind can blow like hell once in a while.   July 12th was one of those days. The wind started on the previous day and got everything all whipped up. A storm system moving in from the west pushed gusts up to around 30 mph. The river was pretty rough and the skies pretty ugly but who cares, I'm taking pictures anyway.   As a friend noted everyone has sunny day pictures, not everyone shows it like it really is: gray and cold when you have time to chase boats. Thanks to www.boatnerd.com for supplying the ship information presented here.
I told Dad I was going over to Clayton to catch a laker and asked if he wanted to go along. He suggested we go to Clayton and get a sub for lunch. We could sit on their deck and watch the river.  I can't pass up an opportunity for one of those great subs. (It's a Jreck, not one of those Subway abberations.)  Off we went. We got to Clayton just after noon and ordered our subs. No sooner did we step out on the deck than the James Norris goes by upbound.
The river can be pretty calm sometimes but today was an exceptionally rough day. Look at the swells in the foreground. They were about 3-5 feet here and got bigger closer to the lake. Traffic was about to pick up as well. I grabbed a couple quick bites and shot some more pictures. 
A couple different angles of the James Norris.
The James Norris is part of the Upper Lakes Group fleet. Built in 1952 by Midland Shipbuilding she is 663 feet in length with a beam of 67 feet.
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