The annual boat trip before the USGP...and we were headed back from Michigan City to Hammond for the night.  Lakers are so big they can be seen from a long way off.  I knew there was something out there but couldn't tell which one she was.
We swung around on her starboard side and found it was the Arthur Anderson.  I like the paint on Great Lakes Boats, simple but different.  Even with the self unloading boom, she still has nice lines.
As much as I would like to, this was about as close as I'd get.  Too many bad things can happen. I'm sure the Captain appreciates it too as he has enough to worry about without adding me to the mix!
The classic ¾ view...there was so much sun that I was getting quite a reflection up forward.  It was a beautiful day to be out there!
The best surprise was yet to come...there's another boat comin' out!
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