How this happened is beyond me.  Columbia River, September 1989: The T.J. Prosperity sideswipes the Chevron Louisiana (shown here).  Fortunately nothing was spilled.  These two tugs helped the Louisiana to the the docks in Portland for inspection and unloading. Steve and I dragged the boat out and dug up these shots near the Willamette Drawbridge.
Good thing nothing came out, she's full up with crude. I'll bet this scard the bejeepers out of the crew.

CHEVRON LOUISIANA - Built 1977 at FMC Corp.
Marine & Rail Equipment Division in Portland, OR

Hull No. GTT-4 - 651'3" x 96'1" x 37'1" (Draft) / 50'3" (Moulded Depth)

16,941 GRT / 13,695 NRT / 39,795 DWT

1977 - Built as CHEVRON LOUISIANA - Owner shown as Chevron USA Inc. and operated by the Chevron Shipping Co. Registered at San Francisco, CA

1990 - Tonnage Change - 13,821 NRT

1998 - Renamed DILIGENCE - Owner shown as Maritrans Tankers Inc. and operated by Maritrans Operating

Partners L.P. Registered in Wilmington, DE. Also at this time there are tonnage changes - 22,761 GRT / 12,789 NRT


Powered by 1 Gas Turbine producing 12,500 shaft horsepower built by the G.E. Co. in Lynn, MA

Speed is listed as 14.5 knots

Equipped with 2 generators - 1 @ 2,200 kW and 1 @ 400 kW

Vessel has a Controllable Pitch Propeller and is equipped with a Bowthruster

Fuel Capacity is shown as 1,519 tonnes of oil fuel

Fuel Consumption is shown as 55 tonnes per day

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