The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms. The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms.
Who is the

Pompous Society of Arrogant Bastards?

Meet more bastards....
David Hahn has been inducted as the first Unacquainted Bastard.  Mr. Hahn is currently the CEO for BC Ferries in British Columbia. He holds the only KA (Kick Ass) endorsement in the society to date.
Mr. Hahn was inducted immediately after informing Canadian shipbuilders that they could not be trusted to construct new vessels on budget or on time.  Although much of socialistic BC is up in arms over this decision, Mr. Hahn has apparently awarded the work to more ummmm...competent firms. He simply stated that "...he has a responsibility to secure the best possible deal for the company."   Simple and to the point, what a Bastard!
Brian Mann is an interesting bastard.
He carries the BT (Big Toys) endorsement on his recently acquired card.
Aside from having a unique talent for getting the railroad to shag ass, he also has a very cool collection of antique machinery.  His induction is based on the fact that every year his toys get bigger, dirtier and noisier!
You have to admire a bastard who sticks to his guns. I am defnitely not a Ferrari fan but Jean Todt deserves memership. For stannding up to the nine other F1 teams in denying Minardi's request to run the 2004 spec chassis, Mr. Todt earns the UY (Up Yours) endorsement. As it tuns out Minardi not only had the 2005 spec parts in Melbourne but had actually tested the chassis over the winter. Good call JT!
The latest bastard to be inducted is
Julian Railey.  After putting up with the Enfield Two-step for sevceral months concerning the functionality of a vendor's design, Julian finally smarted off in an official email questioning the vendor's capabilities. He has repeatedly used the vendors own statements to hold his feet to the fire. For this, Julian has earned the VB (Vendor basher) endorsement for his membership.  Nice job you bastard!
The Vendor Basher!
Membership Endorsement Legend
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