The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms. The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms.
Who is the

Pompous Society of Arrogant Bastards?

We are who we are and make no excuses for any of it.
Glass Chemists to Network Engineers, Dirt Scientists to Data Management. Bastards come from all walks of life.  We bastards even have our own beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale. Of course the beer has been around longer so we respectfully defer originality to the Stone Brewing Co.  So come on, let's meet the bastards.
This bastard gets to drive a Euclid.
Steve, successful business owner and bastard. The pompous part comes naturally.  His induction was prompted by an opportunity to drive a 55 ton Euclid mine truck. Lucky bastard. Although Steve was a real bastard before his acceptance, the truck drive confirmed what was already known. Sometimes referred to as "The King (OR)".
Erik (with a "k") is a skilled glass chemist with an anal attitude towards life. He has a uniquely obnoxious skill which has earned the little bastard the AK endorsement on his membership card.  AK stands for
"All Knowing". Erik knows everything, just ask him. And for crying out loud, don't ask the bastard about his car.
Know it all bastard.
Nice car, you bastard.
A specialist in Data Management, Kevin is a bastard beyond belief (BB). His purchase of a Z06 Corvette on Ebay was responsible for his meteoric rise to bastard-dom. He has definitely earned his BB endorsement. Having a garageful of seriously cool wheels didn't hurt either.
Eric the rB!
Eric is a rotten bastard (rB).  He hacked his way into the inner sanctum and snatched his own place in bastardom.  He wasn't given an endorsement by the other bastards, he just took it for himself.  That's just rotten.

But not so smooth as he thinks he is.
Heh, heh, heh!

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