The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms. The Great and Mighty Coat of Arms.
Periodically a member may have an endorsment added to his card in recognition of recent achievements.  New members may also be given endorsements to commemorate the circumstances of their induction.
AK: All Knowing, reserved for bastards who are condescendingly arrogant know-it-alls.
Assertions must be correct however.

BB: Beyond Belief, Usually reserved for a display of arrogance which stuns veterans members.

BT: Big Toys. Large, noisy, dirty. More power is a big plus plus, must be operational.

KA: Kick Ass, The Bastard for the Purist.  An absolute no-bullshit attitude.

rB: Rotten Bastard, given in recognition of a slyly obtained privelege.

RB: Rat Bastard, bestowed for relieving another bastard of his money via a bet,
typically on the golf course.

SB: Smug Bastard, a more refined version
of the AK bastard.

TCO: The Chosen One, all others defer to TCO,
in the end, there can be only one.

UY: Up yours, Indicating a fierce demonstration of single-mindedness. Usually seen when the bastard is pressured to fall in line with lesser parties. Best used when you rule the roost.

VB: Vendor Basher.  Can only be attained by putting a vendor in his place when he's blowing smoke up tour ass. Cannot be veiled, must up fron and in your face.

GB: Goofy Bastard. We don't have one of these...yet. This one should be obvious; if it's not, you might be eligible for the next endoresment.

DB: Dumb Bastard.

All endorsements to be approved by the Assistant Bastard.  New endorsements will be considered as necessary.
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