Grab Shots!
Digital cameras are great, once you've paid for the camera the pictures are free.  This page is just a collection of single shots that didn't warrant a separate story or page. They're grouped by subject and the linked paged will have a brief description of each shot.  For the curious, I use Nikon equipment exclusively. Two N90s SLRs take care of the celluloid duties while a Coolpix 4500 handles the digital calls.  I've owned Olympus and Pentax cameras over the past 20 years and they have served me well.  I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to move up when I decided to move into the autofocus realm five years ago.  The 4500 was an easy choice having already owned a Coolpix 950.  I didn't have much of a learning curve by staying with the same manufacturer.
Flanged Wheels on Steel Rails Family Fun
Afloat with the boats Work, Work, Work
Cars for fun and profit I'd rather be flying
Those damn engines Far reaches of space
Where to put these? Test
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