Is that supposed to be on fire?
While working in Tulsa, there was an explosion and fire at a tank farm near suburban Glenpool, OK. The news coverage was overwhelming as expected but it was apparent that it was quite a blaze. The fire burned for two days (April 7th and 8th.) and made a plume of smoke that could be seen ten miles away. I drove by the site a couple weeks later and took these pictures. This meets my definition of a bad day at work.
Here's the view looking north. All these tanks are 800,000 gallon capacity. The one that went up was about a quarter full of diesel fuel. The one visible to the left had 93 octane gas in it and the scorched one contained Naptha, a cleaning solvent.
Just a little different view to show just how close the other tanks are. Apparently the scorched one eventually ruptured and was ignited when high voltage feeder lines overhead parted and fell into the mess. I'm sure that really made somebodies day.
Close up of the remains. This got hot for sure.
The tank in the back ground is also holding gasoline. There were a lot of nervous firefighters here. The guy I'm working with is a volunteer firefighter and was one of the first on the scene that night. He spent six hours running the pumper pouring thousands of gallons of water on the adjacent tanks to keep them cool. The heat radiating from the fire was unbelievable. It's not surprising as he described a column of flame erupting a couple hundred feet in the air.
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