In the beginning.
Arctic Rail started as a very small shortline in the dining room.  It was built on a 2' x 8' shelf as a test bed for learning the hobby. The line never went anywhere but it was fully wired for two cab operation.  It had a small servicing facility and that was about it.  It gave me a great place to try out all the techniques I was reading about in Model Railroader.  I have to say it was easy so they must have been giving good directions!  Here are the only photos of that first layout. The junction is called Snoedin and is part of the Adirondack Division.
First Power for AR. All the same underneath.
These were Arctic Rail's first units. The 4500 is an SD-45 and the 4567 is an F-45. Both are still in service and pulling hard for their keep.
The first local. FP-45 #4554 eases out of the trees.
Here's the first local pulling out for Watertown.  No lack of power here, 7200 hp for an emplty flat and a caboose!  The rubber hammer on the card table is not a good sign here!
Here's the 4554 pulling to the end (edge) of the line. I was certainly more interested in the documenting the scene than making a good picture.  Nice use of the drill index for a backdrop. Doh!
Simple facilities at Snoedin.
Just a view of the very basic facilities at Snoedin.  If nothing else, my track looked pretty damn real.
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