Unleash the beasts!
Each morning was a blur of activity as all the classes are either racing or preparing. It was hard to take everything in. Fortunately the camera makes sure I'll remember every moment.
Bruce Bohannon's Formula One racer "Pushy Galore"
There is something seriously goofy in this picture. Can you find it?

I have no idea, tell me!

Don't scoff at these little guys, they knock out 250 mph on 100 hp!
The "Thunder Mustang" is a 3/4 scale kit built. But it's not a toy! With a 650 hp Ryan Falconer V-12 up front, it is capable of nearly identical performance to its full size cousin.
"Dreadnought" heads out to launch.
The "Bear" limbers up.
No mistaking the classic lines of the P-51.
Stewart Dawson's "Spirit of Texas"
Howard Pardue's beautiful "Fury"
Yak 11 "Maniyak"
Miss Ashley II gets ready to rock. This was one heavily modified P-51. The Rolls -Royce Griffon engine is turning two contra-rotating props. It was a marvel of motion and engineering. The wings and horizontal stabilizers traced their roots to a Lear Jet. It was indeed unique. Unfortunately, the airframe broke up in flight during the 1999 races resulting in the death of pilot Gary Levitz.
The little details like Grinch and the Rolls-Royce emblem on the gear door of this P-51 are a lot of fun to find.
Time to take to the air!
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