If pigs had wings...
Airplanes have been an interest since I was a kid.  A Christmas present from my Grandma and Grandpa Towne really fed the fire when I was 10.  A trip to the Air Force museum with Mom and Grampa Louie fanned the flames further.  The summer trips to Kansas were on American to Chicago O'Hare and Braniff to Kansas City.  Airports were fascinating places back then. Everything seemed so regal: people were well dressed and friendly.  Uniforms, both military and airline, were everywhere.  Hell, today the dress code is defined by what's barely acceptable to avoid either arrest or having people throw you spare change out of sympathy. The flight crews always had time to show a wide eyed kid the flight deck. Now, thanks to those assholes who perpetrated the 9/11 incidents, a teenager with a toothpick is a threat.  And of course short-sighted airline management driven by the stock price ten seconds ago have long since driven all the amentities out.  As far as I'm concerned, commercial flying today is no different than taking the bus.  Now I find my joys in the air elsewhere.  I learned to fly, hit airshows wherever I find them and keep an eye out for fun things a little off the beaten path.
My first solo flight - Auburn, WA
The Reno Air Races - Horsepower Unleashed!
Stick time in a Navy SNJ/AT-6
Miscellaneous Pictures
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