Flying the Friendly Skies
Among the many things I've had my nose stuck in at one time or another is flying. I've got just over 70 hours in as a student and still don't have my license. Ugh! I flew a ton in late 1997, 1998 and early 1999. Then work got in the way some and I had trouble getting time in. I lack one cross country and my written before being able to take my check ride. The hard part was getting good weather in the northwest to make the long solo flight during the winter months. Between the two things I just didn't get enough time in. Then one thing leads to another and you realize you haven't flown in four years. This is a picture my flight instructor (Jim Fox) took after my first solo on 7/14/98. I really enjoyed the flying, hated stalls and got a real thrill out of being qualified to transit Class B airspace. I used to love to fly over SEA at midfield and watch the airliners taking off and landing beneath me. I really hope sometime I'll get back into it and finish my license.
Me and The Flying Volkswagen, N 49784
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