Visited here with Mom on 11/28/03.  She had been here before and said there were lots of Bald Eagles about.  It is located along a major migratory highway for birds of all kinds and always has a variety fo things to see.  The day we were there was cold but sunny so at least the pictures would have lots of light.  Hanging out, looking for a snack.Just after we pulled in we saw an eagle perched in a tree. They must be used to the attention as he sat for quite a while as we approached.  Finally he flew on and we continued around the access road. We saw little else and Mom thought the day was going to be a bust.  Off in the distance, on the opposite side of the marsh I saw what appeared to be a flock of geese overflying the open water. As we looked on we realized it was a huge flock of geese doing whatever geese do.  Trying not to race headlong down the trail, we neared the spot where all the activity was.  Mom saw several eagles perched in trees but they were too far away for pictures so we kept driving.  As we neared the ponds I saw the biggest gaggle of geese I have ever seen. Thousands of them. A bazillion birds.We could hear then from a quarter mile away. We stopped and watched in amazement.  It was like "The Birds" script had come to life.  They would come and go in swarms of hundreds.  While we sat there Mom noticed a couple eagles had left their perches in the trees and were winging over towards the geese.  That really got them all stirred up as no one wanted to become a meal.  Suddenly there were probably 30 eagles in the air, some just gliding, others doing some mid-air wrestling.  It was pretty spectacular.  I took a short movie clip of the geese which just barely captures the sound but really shows the geese on the move.  Pretty nice place, I'll be back.
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