Farewell....  to a friend.
Cat Murpheeny Strikes a Time-Honored Pose.
Murphy lost a match with a car yesterday.  I guess they all go sometime.  A strange find in the Hammond Human Society shelter, he was likely someones cast off. I'm not sure why though as he had the most beautiful gray coat. Except for the fact that he walked a little funny due to some hip issues, he was otherwise normal, for a cat.  A good nightime companion, he always curled up beside you and actually made an effort not to get up before 6 am.  I was never late for work.  Not a mean bone in him, if you had time to pet him, he was your friend. He was about as graceful as a heard of arthritic elephants and you always knew when he was running through the house.  Steve sent along a couple pictures that show doofus up to his usual tricks.
Oooo, food! Thanks for telling on me, now I have to eat CAT food!
Up to his usual stuff: sneaking food off the counter.  Note the position of his feet, he's getting ready to head for the counter.  That's me in the background giving him crap because I know what he's doing.
And then of course you get the dirty look. Something like: "Who are you to tell me to stay of the counter?"  I call this the Godzilla pose.  I think he's about to let loose with the atomic breath or something.
Steve passed along a little quip about two things thing he used to do that drove me nuts. One was eat the damn food off your plate, whether or not you were done was irrelevant. The other was pick things out of the garbage:

"I still remember him arguing with Kenny for the last drops of milk in a cup. That cat didn't give up until the cup was on the floor. Murphy then expertly removed the remaining drops with his paw. His fondness for pork chop bones from the garbage and his ability to get at them was legendary.  Any cat who was that resourceful and had a sense of humor about it deserves to be remembered. . . "

Farewell Fuzzball, we''ll all miss you.
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