I have long been annoyed by the hedgerow in the backyard.  It's closer to a thicket than anything.  I got a hefty case of poison ivy last spring trying to remove some of it.  I've been pecking away a little at a time but some of it is so thick I couldn't even get it out with the blade on the weedwacker.  This time I decided to bring up mechanical reinforcements, enter the Bobcat.

This is the second time I've had a 'Cat on the lawn but this time was much more fun.  It does everything: removing brush, fire-piling, tipping over trees and it even digs dirt (what a novel idea!).  Step out in the back yard and let's see what happened.

Notice the word "TURBO" on the side.
Don't let its' diminutive size fool you. This little fella will tear up the yard in a hurry!  It's a little bigger than the one I had for the pool work, and it's turbocharged.  Like I need even more power...
The last time things will look this good.
This is the most annoying pile of crap in the yard.  You would think there might be a better place to make a brush pile for crying out loud.  Anyway, time to go to work.
Before the fun starts.
Here's a nice panorama of the hedge row before I got started.  You can see the brush pile by the 'Cat and the other reason I got the machine just to left of the wood pile. It's a bramble of bushes so thick it won't cut.  I'll fix that pretty quick.

For those of you with a high speed connection, here is a really cool Quick Time walkaround of the scene. Just use your mouse to walk through the scene, unfortunately it's also 26 MB.

A cozy fire.
Can't do yard work without setting something on fire.  I have a willow tree so there's always a bunch of fuel.
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