Christmas Time around Fredericksburg, TX
The benefits of travel: while I was in Waxahachie, I had a spare weekend so I drove down to Fredericksburg, Texas to see Aunt Nan and Uncle Harvey.  I had a really nice weekend and was treated to some good ole' Texas hospitality.  I arrived on Saturday afternoon and Nan treated me to a tour of the town.  There are many 100+ year old homes here, The Hengst's home is no exception.  Of course I naturally forgot to take pictures of the house. Doh!  Harvey had ministry classes all day and got home about seven or so.  We had a nice dinner at Andy's and I got to sample some of the renowned country fried steak. Pretty good stuff, Maynard.  Afterwards Uncle Harvey drove us around to look at Christmas lights and of course, I left the camera at the house.  But all is not lost.  Tag along on Sunday.
La-la-la...We went to luckenbach texas...
Here I am with Uncle Harvey in...where else... Luckenbach, Texas (c'mon, everybody sing!) Yes, it is one and the same.  A small hole in the wall place with about ten structures total. Click on the picture to read the marker details.
Harv and Nan at Luckenbach.
Aunt Nan and Uncle Harvey at the marker. That's Uncle Harv's Porsche 944 right behind him. I had a tight fit in the back seat but it was worth it.
Gotta have a Post Office!
Post Office and General Store.  Actually now more gift shop than general store. Live music in the back and they have both kinds:

Country AND Western.

And for the record, it was my idea to visit here!

Former Admiral Chester Nimitz hailed from Fredericksburg.  For the uninitiated, he was the Commander in Chief for all US forces in the Pacific during WWII. There is a great museum dedicated to the Pacific Theater of Operations right in downtown Fredericksbrug.  We spent several hours there enjoying the exhibits.
Just because I forgot the camera doesn't mean I didn't get any pictures of the Christmas lights.  On the way home, I took about an hour and went by the places again (except for one I couldn't find) and took some pictures. Some of them actually came out!
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Night Lights
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