Jake & Elwood

A tradition continued.

Well, somebody had to do it.  Brad's brother Gregg and a friend frequently paraded around campus as Jake and Elwood. Hey, why not?  So off we went to Hornell to acquire the appropriate attire. It turned out to be no small task in a backwoods burb that's for sure. The jackets, pants and shirts came from the Salvation Army. Although I think Brad already had some of those things, I was doing well to have a shirt with buttons period! The hats were easy but expensive, $35 bucks which was a boatload for two starving college students. But without question, the ties were nearly impossible until we improvised. Finally we came up with two ivory (ack!) colored skinny ties and had to dye them black, which in reality turned out more of a medium gray. Close enough. We went everywhere like this, football games, movies at Davis Gym even a Chubby Checker concert. Those were the days, sort of.
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