The Beast Lives.
The time: 12:15 pm Sunday November 9th, 2003.
The Place: The wonderful vault that is my garage.
The Event: Re-christening of a 92 year old Waterloo Boy single cylinder gas engine.
Yes folks, Mistah Towne, 20th century engineer has triumphed over 19th century technology. Thus it is proved that it is impossible to build something so simple that I cannot operate it.
Ready to roll.
Well, it's 11 pm Saturday night and I've had enough. The engine is fully assembled, greased and ready to run. This is as clean as it gets. I'll try it in the morning.  Nice job on the plumbing.
Anyone need a plumber?
Click this and let's fire this hog up!
A picture of it running is just that, a picture. Take the time to download this QuickTime file and watch it go. Complete with sound, all that's mising are sore wrists from cranking it over for an hour!

Click the picture to run the movie.

Well, so much for the clean paint!
I think I might need new rings. What do you think?  There is a little problem with blow-by here. Oh, well these things weren't meant to be all sissied up anyway.
All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how things came out.  It's a little hard to start but I think new rings may help that some.  It's a great feeling when you've had something all over the garage and it starts when you put it back together. I really want to thank Brian Mann for helping me pick out a great first engine and sending me on my way. I'm definitely hooked, thanks bud, I'm bringing this one back to Rough & Tumble next year!
But for now, it's time to get after that damn Jaeger!
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