Waterloo Boy Overhaul
This is my first engine and my first attempt at overhauling one.   I can't really call this a restoration as it ran when I bought it and I don't intend to put one of those show car finishes on it when I'm done.  It'll go back to what it was, a good working engine.  The engine was purchased at the Rough & Tumble Thresherman's Reunion in August 2003. I had gone to the show to meet a friend, Brian Mann, and see what he described as a collection of great old junk!  The second day I was there, I was determined to get one of these engines and off I went through the show grounds looking for one for sale. Brian came along to make sure I got a good one at a good price. We found this one and Brian haggled out a price and the deal was done.  I then had to do some haggling of my own to get the guy to take a check as I didn't really come prepared to talk the universal language of cash!  It all worked out though and I was the proud owner of a hit and miss engine.  As we walked back to the shed, I spent another $60 on it to buy a coil and muffler.  And the story begins!
Brian, Jared and I relocated the little monster to the engine building so that I could run it for a while before I had to head north. Here it is hooked up to an ignition coil for one of Brian's big engines. I got a quick lesson on how to start it and away it went   It's funny how one person standing there watching it run (me) will draw a crowd!  Like a proud parent, I spouted off newly learned information to interested on-lookers.  Another R&T member, Nate, came by and whispered in Brian's ear: "Better find him a corner to work in!"
Nate must've seen something because this is what the truck looked like when I got home. The more observant of you will note the engine in the truck is not my Waterloo.  It's a 2 hp Jaeger.  During the rest of my vacation, I did some web surfing and found this one for sale at Hit 'N Miss Enterprises in NE Ohio.  So I stopped on the way home and bought it.   The truck was jam packed with two engines, a telescope and all the other goodies.  I must have looked like a traveling yard sale!
After a bunch of fussin' and cussin' I finally got the two off-loaded and into my garage.  Because the Waterloo is so simple mechanically I decided to clean it up first.  Follow along as I pull this thing apart, clean it up and put it back together.  Hopefully with no leftover parts! This is already a ton of fun!
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Disassembly is next!
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