The Last 1½ hp Model "T" Thermoil

I'm sure everyone interested in engines has at least one that we would call a "defining moment" in our enjoyment of the hobby. These moments happens for various reasons: maybe a long lost family workhorse, or one that evokes some particularly good memories of acquiring it.  For me it happened this summer (2004) when I purchased what is likely the only known 1½ hp Model "T" Thermoil.  It officially confirmed my interest in the Hvid engines and gave me a continued quest in the hobby: find the Hvids!
Cute, isn't it....
Cute little bugger isn't it.
Well it damn well better be.  The amount of agony this little twerp caused me while buying it added several grey hairs to my head!

It all started on a rainy Sunday night on . It was a cold rain, the kind of rain that washes all your good sense away like grains of sand before the coming tide........

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