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Thermoils...made by Hercules, sold by Sears.  Starting with the subpar "T" model 1915 and ending with the Hercules Oil Engine in 1929, they provided more than their share of troubles for their owners.  According to the research of noted Hercules historian, Glenn Karch the "T"s started to appear in 1915 and were one by 1917.  "U" types appeared in 1919 through 1922 and were followed by the "UA" through 1926.  Sears was out after that and the Hercules Oil Engine appeared with a 24 hour oiling system until 1929 and that was the end.  There are pictures, manuals and other information here as it is available to me.  Click the links as needed to find more information.
Thermoil Model "U" Manual Model "U" Pictures
8 hp Model "U" Model "UA"
6 hp Model "U" Model "T" Pictures
1 ½ hp Model "T" Hercules Oil Engine Pictures
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