Unleash the Beast!
Can't have all this heavy metal sitting in the garage for long without trying to start it up.  This one sat for two months before I was home long enough to get it out in the driveway.  I had to fab up a little pony motor arrangement to help roll it over for starting.  This should be comical.
5.5 hp to start 6 hp!
Finally I got the engine rolled into the driveway and was ready to give it a shot.  It's funny that I used a 5.5 hp engine to start a 6 hp one. The contrast of 80 years worth of engine development is quite obvious.  In this shot I'm leaning hard on the pony motor to get the Thermoil wheeling over fast enough to carry it over on compression. I've heard that it can be done with a hand crank too but I wasn't up for that yet.
Let's see what happens....
Once I had it rolling pretty good I ran around to the front and threw the compression release out.  It must have been funny to watch me hopping about like an idiot in my driveway. This was the fourth attempt.
Aha!  I let the smoke out and it runs!
And as it turned out, the fourth time was the charm.  After belching a huge cloud of gray-white smoke it picked up speed and ran like a top.  It sounds like a damn tank in the driveway but who cares?
Doubles as a grinding wheel...
Doh!  While I was on the front side, my pony motor tipped over onto the flywheel in a shower of sparks. Good thing it missed the crank or it would have torn everything up!  Didn't take long for things to heat up and I was boiling water within 40 minutes.  It's a going sonuvagun, it hopped three feet down the driveway in about ten minutes before I got it settled down a little.
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